What is History?

“History is the DNA of the world today”! Thus despite the impression school textbooks might have left you with, History is not about dates and mindless memorisation! Instead, it is about knowing and interpreting our past events  – political , economic, social and cultural, in order to understand our present and perhaps even predict our future !

“Study of the past is not the end of History –it is only the means. The end of History is the present. By knowing the past, we can understand the present”.

Why study History?

Historians do not perform complex brain surgery or design spacecraft. Hence the functions of History are more difficult to define than those of Medicine and Engineering. Though the “products” of History are less tangible, it is an indispensable field with immense value in every sphere of life.

Studying History is essential for good citizenship, contributes to regional understanding and provides identity (geneology being an example). A well trained students of History alongwith higher order thinking skills develops a range of employability skills such as the ability to assess, apply and use...

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