What is Graphology ?

Graphology comes from two Greek words–graphein (to write) and logy (reference to a body of scientific knowledge). Graphology or handwriting analysis is the science of determining character from handwriting. Your handwriting bears the unique imprint of your personality, with all its strengths and weaknesses. Considered both as an art and science, it involves the study of handwriting with the aim of revealing the character and personality of the writer.

As handwriting comes from the unconscious, it contains a lot of information which can be used for interpreting one’s character. Whenever we write, we are under the influence of emotions that dictate our mood at the time of writing. The brain transmits this information via the motor nervous system for the hand to carry out. This expression is a mixture of conscious thoughts and unconscious automatic responses. Each individual’s handwriting is unique to them and can reveal a lot about their nature and behavioural characteristics.

There are three approaches to graphology: the integrative approach, the holistic approach, and the symbolic analysis.

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