What is Geophysics ?

If rocks, minerals, and fossils fascinate you, you enjoy outdoor field trips and are good at Mathematics and Physics, then Geophysics is an area of study you can certainly consider. Geophysics investigates the fundamental structure and evolution of our planet. It is concerned with the movement of the tectonic plates at the Earth’s surface by only centimetres per year, the movement of the direction in which the compass needle points by hundreths of degrees per year, the gradual rise of land once covered by ice sheets.

That all these processes are related to each other, and require study from the microscale to planetary scale, and on time scales of milliseconds to billions of years, is what makes geophysics so exciting and challenging.

Geophysics is the study of the Earth’s features with the help of the theories of Physics in areas such as gravity, magnetism, electricity, light, sound, heat and radioactivity. By studying the forces that act upon the Earth’s surface, interior and atmosphere, geophysics helps to analyse earthquakes and atmospheric variations.



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