Geo Informatics

What is Geo Informatics ?

To dig a canal, to make new roads at a suitable place, to identify water resources or to select a place for digging tube-wells can be easily done through remote sensing or Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Another example of GIS or remote sensing is used by the forest department, to identify the place where trees are growing, where there is no growth and where we can grow trees and crops.

Geo Informatics is a hi tech branch of Geo science that deals with how information technology can be used to improve both the organization of geology information and the accessibility and application of this information for geographers, geologists and engineers. By applying collected data and developing complex models based upon this data, geoinformatics can be used to advance both geology and engineering to the point that many of the problems of these sciences can be dealt with.

Geo Informatics uses information science infrastructure to address the problems of geosciences and related branches of engineering. It combines geospatial analysis and modeling, development of geospatial...

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