What is Gemology ?

Are you fascinated by gems – their vibrant colour, sparkle, cut and shape ? Would you like to learn how to cuts gems, evaluate them and distinguish the precious stones from synthetic ones ? If so, how about examining the possibility of gemology as a profession. Humans have been drawn to stones and gems and utilized them for adornment, worship and powdered them for healing properties.

Gemology is the science, art and profession of identifying and evaluating gemstones. It is considered a geoscience and a branch of mineralogy. Gemologists are trained to identify and evaluate gems. They are also involved in grading, appraisal, marketing, and fashioning.


What do I have to do ?

Gemologists identify, sort and grade gems and advise jewellery designers about their compatibility with particular metals and settings. They need to develop extraordinary powers of observation, attention to detail, precision, excellent hand-eye co-ordination, an objective approach and great sense of responsibility. Gemologists are knowledgeable about customs and traditions of...

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