What is Forestry ?

Forestry deals with the protection, conservation, and development of forests. The thrust areas include maintenance of environmental stability through preservation and restoration of ecological balance, checking soil erosion, afforestation, and social forestry, and efficient utilisation of forest produce etc.

Managing our forests for all of the multiple uses and values required by society for its social, biophysical, and economic well-being is a thrust area of forestry. Such a broad mandate requires professional foresters to be responsible for the health of our forest environment, while meeting economic and other societal needs. This role will be greatly expanded as demands increase for clean water and air, sustainable ecosystems, and controlling atmospheric carbon dioxide.


Environmental concerns have begun to occupy an increasingly important place on the national and international agenda. With “green” being the buzz-word for the new millennium, a need is being felt for trained professionals in this field and this course fits the bill perfectly. Thus, a course in Forestry is ideal for those who love nature and have a desire to...


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