Food Styling and Photography

What is Food Styling and Photography ?

If you’ve ever flicked through the pages of a glossy food magazine you’ve seen what a food stylist can do. But how do they get that fabulous, luscious look that says “Eat me”? To the uninitiated, the lengths to which food stylists go to make food look perfect may be surprising. The problem with food photography is that food tends to dry out, shrink, discolour and sag — food styling is about counteracting these forces. There’s a definite art to getting a picture of food that looks good enough to eat, rather than looking destined for the bin.

Sanjeev Kapoor is a house-hold name as a renowned Chef and his cookery  show on television, Khana Khazana is watched by millions across the country. To look appealing, the food is styled for the shoots.

There are different types of food photography. A shot for packaging or an ad has to show the real food being advertised, though that doesn’t mean it can’t be tweaked, and made-up..

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