What is Entrepreneurship ?

“I wanted a sense of independence. The thrill of building an organisation and seeing the tangible results of one’s hard work excited me” says Cherian, an IIM alumna who quit his job in Bangalore to start his own company.

Whether you’re starting a business, building the one you have, or stepping up to run a family business, you need to make sound management and financial decisions.

Entrepreneurship is the practice of starting new organizations or revitalizing mature organizations, particularly new businesses generally in response to identified opportunities. It is often a risk, as a vast majority of new businesses fail. Bringing about a transformation that cuts across society is the real test of a businessman.

Entrepreneurial activities are substantially different depending on the type of organization that is being started. Entrepreneurship ranges in scale from solo projects (even involving the entrepreneur only part-time) to major undertakings creating many job opportunities. Many “high-profile” entrepreneurial ventures seek venture capital or equity funding in order to raise capital to build the business...


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