What is Anthropology ?

Many studies have shown that women express politeness in speech more often and more explicitly than men, using more compliments and apologies and interrupting less often. Past research has suggested that children’s speech is modeled on parental speech and therefore children use gender-specific language at an early age. These findings and many more, are based on research done by anthropologists.

Anthropology is derived from the words “Anthropos;’ meaning man and “Logos”, meaning science. It is the study of humankind everywhere, throughout time involving the study of people, their origins, biological variations and characteristics, their languages and cultural patterns, their social structures and institutions, and their adaptation to their environment.


As Kluck Hohn pointed out, that out of all the sciences that study various aspects of man, Anthropology is the one which comes nearest to being a total study of man. Unlike the Physical and Social Sciences, and Philosophy, Anthropology has no fixed boundaries. The approach of Anthropology to the study of man is holistic; it studies man, society...

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